Friday, 11 June 2010


We went for a nice walk today.  It was sunny and warm for the first time since moving into our new house, so we took the little one out to play, then walked around the area.  We will be happy here.  It is so green, with mature trees.  We had a stunning view in our last place, but it was in a soulless new development.  This is an established neighbourhood with character and history.  I missed seeing greenery, and now we have it everywhere.  It smells clean.  It feels like we aren’t in the city.

The bad news?  I forgot to bring the camera!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Made by Petchy's Bureau

I adore this bureau on Made by Petchy's blog. The way she left the veneer showing for the tree is so clever, and olive and petrol are two of my favourite colours, too!

My first revamp project

This big sideboard was delivered by the charity shop today. I need to do something to it, but don’t know what yet! Any suggestions are very welcome. It is solid wood with a pretty thick varnish. I guess this was a big piece to choose for my first, but hopefully that will make the rest feel easier.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Lush Designs

Lush Designs is one of my favourite brands, if not THE favourite. I wish I could invite them to my home and have it covered completely in their work. It's beautiful, and exactly my style. I have this bag, and it has left me wanting more!

Slow Start

Finally, my first post! I have been planning this blog for months, but I got so caught up with getting it just right that I never actually started. I have called it Woolly Fish because my original plan was to talk about my knitting and fish keeping. I had bought a nice, new aquarium when I registered, and planned to take pictures as it established. Well… It has been established for a long time, I have made quite a few bits and pieces, shifted my focus to sewing (I still knit, though), and have moved house (and fish tank).

My husband is an artist. He can paint and draw, write music, sing, and play instruments with seemingly little effort. Everything he does is self-taught. For years I have been envious of his creativity. I am a musician as well, but I am classically trained and cannot write anything of my own no matter how hard I try. I am not sure that will change, but I am certain there is some creativity inside me somewhere, and I am hoping this blog will encourage me to find and develop it. I will use the first few entries to catch up on projects I have completed since the false start to this blog, and hopefully have more projects to share soon.

I am just learning, so I don’t expect anyone to be amazed by my efforts, but I hope you can see improvement over time, and that you enjoy reading this! I probably won’t be so wordy after this entry, but I might be slow in posting for a while until I get my own internet access in our new house.